11 jan. 2012

When ex-pat ambassadors can’t come to Lyon for the festival of lights, they get together to celebrate 8 December in places such as Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Philadelphia and Brussels.


A resolutely Lyonnais vibe

Distinctly Lyonnais cuisine (quenelles made fresh that morning and Lyonnais salad) is served with local beverages…

Candles sent by the city of Lyon arrived just in time for the festival and the saucisson brought back from Lyon especially for the event made some people very happy in Sao Paulo, where over 45 Lyonnais got together.


Souvenirs from Lyon!

Candles sent by the city of Lyon, photographs from the festival and local products guaranteed a cosy and convivial atmosphere!

In Philadelphia, Lyonnais ex-pats met in a bar to celebrate the festival.


In Brussels, after the June event, several Lyonnais got together for a beer.


In Japan, a dozen Lyonnais gathered at "Le Lugdunum" bouchon,  run by ambassador Christophe Paucod. Traditional cuisine guaranteed!

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Who fixed it?

Without the organization of Christophe Paucod in Tokyo, Boris Lechevalier in Sao Paulo, Orélie Cathaud in Philadelphia and Thibaud Van Rooden in Brussels, none of these events would have taken place. They are all truly motivated ONLYLYON Ambassadors.
A big thank you to them! 

They met up on 8 December 2012!